12 Week Program

Pharmacy Technician


The Pharmacy  Technician Program covers a variety of critical topics:  arithmetic used in pharmacies, record keeping; methods of dispensing medications,  and pharmacy laws & ethics. This program also covers the names, uses, and doses of medications. Students will learn skills that are important in assisting the pharmacist in the preparation and dispensing of medication, training in medication order processing, inventorying, packaging, and use of prescription balance. Students will familiarize themselves with the most common drugs and the importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Privacy act.

Employment opportunities include retail stores, community pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.


Our Mission

We will deliver unparalleled education and skills training programs for high-demand occupations that result in  rewarding  careers for all  of our students

We Accept Funding From The Following Sources for those who qualify:

GI Bill®,  MyCAA, DARS,  No Interest Tuition  Payment Plan and Academic Loan Funding available for qualified students

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